Captain Jacob Reach was hired on June 1, 1994.  As a Deputy Sheriff, he served in Corrections Division, Patrol Division, including Field Training Officer, Honor Guard, Sheriff’s Office Cold Homicide Unit and Youth Services Detective.  As a Youth Services Detective, his primary job was Child Exploitation Cases.  He served on the Quality and Assurance Committee for DHR and was an instructor at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Training Academy for recruits on Juvenile Laws and Detention and Child Exploitation.  As a Sergeant, he supervised the Sex Offender Unit, to include serving on the National Advisory Board for Offender Watch.  As a Lieutenant, he served as a Shift Supervisor in the Birmingham County Jail, Sex Offender Unit, Warrant Detail and School Resource Division. Captain Reach currently serves as Birmingham Corrections Division Commander.  Captain Reach’s education and training include Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Columbia Southern University, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design, Threats and Solutions with Social Media, Interview and Interrogation, Terrorism Trends and Tactics, K-9 Narcotics Handler, and Court Certified Expert in Sexual Abuse Investigations.