Deputy Chief Charles J. Buchannon is a Vietnam Era Veteran who began his service in the Sheriff’s Office on September 28, 1980. During his career he has been certified as a Crime Prevention Specialist as well as a Law Enforcement Assessment Specialist. He is considered an expert in the Investigation and Identification of Youth Gangs, as well as an expert in the Investigation and Exploitation of Child Victims. He is a past member of the Jefferson County, Bessemer Division Death Investigation Team, he is a past member of the Mobile Field Force and Honor Guard Executive Officer and Commander. Deputy Chief Buchannon has supervised every division in the Sheriff’s Office and currently oversees Internal Affairs and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Academy, Civil Division, Chaplain Program, and Training Center. Deputy Chief Buchannon is a CAAP (Certified Affirmative Action Professional) and is the Sheriff’s Office Equity and Inclusion Officer (AAO) having received his certification from Temple University in Pennsylvania.