Deputy Chief Felicia Rucker-Sumerlin is a mother of two who joined the Sheriff’s Office in 1990. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Columbia Southern University. She served in the Corrections Division, Patrol Division, Vice and Narcotics, and School Resources. She was promoted sergeant in 2004 supervising corrections division, patrol division, identity theft division, and a Detective in Criminal Division. In 2008, she was promoted to Lieutenant supervising Corrections and Patrol Division. In 2016, she was promoted Captain supervising Corrections Division. Deputy Chief Rucker was then placed in charge of supervising the School Resource Division. She is currently supervising both Bessemer and Birmingham Corrections Division. In 2016, she was named Woman of the Year, by the NAACP after being the first African American female to attain a rank of Captain in the history of Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. In January 2020, she became the first female Deputy Chief in the 200-year history of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Chief Rucker- Sumerlin is a lifelong resident of Jefferson County who has worked in both the Bessemer and Birmingham Division of the Sheriffs’ Office.