The Animal Cruelty Unit was formed in 1978 to combat animal abuse and neglect. The Deputies work closely with the Birmingham and Bessemer Humane Societies on investigating animal abuse in Jefferson County.  If you become aware of an animal in Jefferson County, Alabama that is being neglected, you may call the Animal Cruelty Prevention Hotline to speak to a cruelty prevention officer who will then speak with the pet owner and provide education and resources to the owner. They also will try to help the owner understand the importance of the bond between a pet and its owner in order to help enhance the quality of the pet.

Jefferson County Animal Control believes that pets are happier, healthier, and safer when they can be indoors near you the majority of the time. Most pets enjoy spending time outdoors, but the time they spend alone outdoors must be balanced with the quality time they spend with their owners. Pets that spend most of their time alone or only in the company of other dogs, may demonstrate fearful, aggressive, or overactive behavior toward family members or strangers.