Jefferson County was the first Sheriff’s Office in the state to offer a free handgun safety class to citizens.  

The class covers safety, different types of handguns, different operating systems between the types of handguns, how they function and what type of handgun may suit the citizen the best.  Classroom will include instruction in the basic of handgun marksmanship.

In addition to these subjects, legal issues regarding the carry of a concealed weapon are also covered. The classroom portion of the class is interactive, with a question and answer period, where citizens can ask about anything pertaining to firearms. After the classroom portion is taught, students have the opportunity to shoot their handguns on the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office outdoor range.

Students will be under the supervision of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office instructors, who are available to coach, answer questions, and maintain a safe environment during all phases of range shooting. Students may bring their own handguns, or borrow one from the Training Center, and are encouraged to try out different types of handguns. Students attending the class are required to bring ammunition for their handgun, or if borrowing a handgun from the Training Center, 9mm or .38 Special ammunition to use in these.




  • Valid State ID
  • 18 years old or older- a legal guardian must accompany anyone under 18 years of age
  • Provide your own ammo (you decide how much you want to shoot)

Two classes will be held, with the times being 0800-1100 for the morning class, and 1200-1500 for the afternoon class. Students can expect approximately 2 hours classroom, with 1 hour range time. Eye and ear protection will be provided, if needed by the student.

The class is free; however, you must pre-register. The class size is limited.

Contact the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Training Center at 205-849-5246 to make a reservation. 

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