The Canine Unit (K-9) is made up of highly-trained dogs that are used to assist units on patrol when needed. Some of these dogs are used to track suspects and missing persons. Others may be used to indicate the presence of narcotics, firearms, explosives or human remains. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Canine Unit also will lend help to other agencies and departments when there is a need and upon request by the agency or department.

Deputy Morgan and Canine Riggs
Deputy Lawrence and Canine Riley
Deputy Mitchell and Canine Eli
Deputy King and Canine Spark
Deputy Jackson and Canine Nico
Deputy Brasher and Canine Cheetoh
Deputy Herald and Canine Rocky
Deputy Finley and Canine Sutton
Deputy Adams and Canine Minka
Deputy Steele and Canine Razor
Deputy Bishop and Canine Max
Deputy Deed and Canine Duke
Deputy Johnson and Canine Fuze
Lt. Danny Barrett and K9 Zik
Deputy Wordell and Canine Diesel