Celebratory Gunfire is Extremely Dangerous

Publish Date: December 30, 2020
Written by: Joni Money
Categories: News

Celebrating the New Year by firing a weapon into the air is not only irresponsible, it is dangerous.  Property damage, injuries and even death are reported across the nation every year on holidays where fireworks are traditionally used.  Some people will take celebrating a step further and choose to celebrate by firing a gun into the air.  This is incredibly reckless behavior.  Before firing that weapon into the air, look at some of the facts surrounding celebratory gunfire:

  • A bullet does not just disintegrate in space.  What goes up – Will come down, this includes a bullet.  When it does, it could hit a house, a vehicle, an animal or even a person.
  • A bullet fired at an angle can return to earth at a much higher rate than a bullet fired straight up.  The science behind this fact shows that a bullet fired at an angle will continue at a higher velocity and is much more likely to cause damage or injury as it returns to the ground.
  • A small caliber bullet can cause as much damage as a larger bullet when it returns to the ground.  Because the smaller bullet does not encounter as much resistance as it returns to earth, it will be traveling at a higher velocity.
  • Should you hit someone with celebratory gunfire and cause their death, you could be charged with murder.  Is firing a weapon into the air worth the risk of hurting someone?  Once the bullet leaves the gun, you can’t take it back.

Should you see someone firing into the air randomly, please call and report it.  Our non-emergency number is 205-325-1450, option 2.  Of course, if there has been an injury or if it is an emergency, please call 911 immediately.


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