Deputies Called to Capture Aggressive Lizard

Publish Date: October 3, 2016
Written by: Joni Money
Categories: News

Birmingham, AL 10/03/2016

Yesterday afternoon deputies were called to a home in the 1200 block of Devine Drive near Forestdale to investigate a report of a Monitor lizard discovered in the basement of the home. The Forestdale Fire Department was also called to assist.

Deputies arrived to find a large, aggressive Monitor lizard. Deputies were unable to immediately capture the lizard and contacted a local pet store for assistance. The pet store owner was able to contact a “Lizard Technician” who said he would be on the way to capture the lizard. He would have to drive from northern Alabama. Deputies were advised that Monitor lizards are aggressive by nature and can deliver a dangerous bite.

While they were awaiting his arrival deputies were able to locate and contact the owner of the reptile. The owner came to the scene and safely captured his pet.

The Lizard Technician was cancelled. No one was injured. It was not clear how the lizard escaped and found its way into the basement of the home.

Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Randy Christian said, “I’ve never heard of a ‘Lizard Technician’, but I am happy to know they are out there.”


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