Deputies Investigate 2 Shootings in Brighton

Publish Date: November 10, 2019
Written by: David Agee
Categories: News

On Sunday November 10, 2019 at 4:39am Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to the 5200 block of McClain Street in Brighton to investigate a shooting offense.  Sheriff’s Detectives determined that the shooting resulted from a dispute between 34 year old Dawayne Pruitt and 27 year old Kerry McLemore.  The dispute began in the Wylam community and continued when the two men met again in Brighton.  The men argued again and began to fight.  After the two men separated, McClemore is reported to have obtained a weapon and fired shots into Pruitt’s car.  McClemore was in the company of a female off duty police officer during the offense.  Kerry McLemore was arrested on unrelated charges and transported to the Birmingham City jail.

Hours later at 6:28am Deputies responded to a shooting at a convenience store in the  4500 block of Bessemer Super Highway in Brighton.  The clerk called to report that a man had been shot in the parking lot and that both vehicles involved had left the scene.  Deputies observed video of the offense that showed the shooting and also both the victim and offender leaving. The victim later returned to the scene to make a report.  The victim sustained a graze wound.  The victim identified the shooter as the ex-boyfriend of a woman that he had dealings with in the past.

*It was initially thought that these two shootings might be connected but the shootings are not connected.  Both shootings are still under investigation.




Two Shot in Brighton

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