Deputy Rescues Furry Stowaway

Publish Date: May 19, 2016
Written by: Brittany Sharp
Categories: News | Pets

Birmingham, AL 05/19/2016

Sanford Cuddles Kitty

Deputy Sanford administers first aid cuddles to little ‘Atlanta’

Just before 7:00 pm on May 18th Deputy Tim Sanford stopped to assist a stranded motorist along I-20 just west of Leeds. The family had been traveling from Atlanta when their car had a flat tire. Deputy Sanford offered to change the tire for them to help speed them on their way. As he worked the jack near the front tire he heard a faint cry from the engine compartment of the car. He had the driver open the hood and discovered a small gray and white kitten inside. The kitten was not injured and appeared to be in good health. The family was amazed at the find because they do not own a cat. They told the deputy that the kitten must have ridden all the way from Atlanta in the engine compartment of the car.

Deputy Sanford named the kitten Atlanta and, after getting her some food and water, dropped her off at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society.


‘Atlanta’ seems right at home in Deputy Sanford’s Patrol Unit






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