Director Black has been Director of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Training Center since February 2019.  She has been involved in training numerous law enforcement personnel around Alabama and out-of-state through her career.


She started her career in Tuscaloosa and moved to The University of Alabama Law Enforcement Academy where she was involved with Advanced, Basic and In-Service Training classes.  She was Deputy Director of Training when she moved from The UofA Law Enforcement Academy to the Alabama Peace Officers’ Standards and Training Commission (APOSTC) in Montgomery.  While at APOSTC, she was Interim Director of the Northeast Alabama Police Academy (NEAPA).  After retiring from APOSTC, she was Academic Coordinator/Deputy Director for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Academy and worked with Jefferson State Junior College and Columbia University to start a degree program for law enforcement officers. She also assisted in starting the first full-time training class at the JCSO Academy.


She was the Chair of the Committee that developed the Legal Issues exam for the State as well as numerous other committees.  She has Instructor Certification in numerous law enforcement training areas.  She has completed the CIT Instructor Training and CIT Coordinator Certification through CIT International for the Sheriff’s Office.


Director Black has degrees in Business Administration with a minor in Psychology, a MS Degree in Criminal Justice and Ph.D. in Adult Education.  Director Black has a son and two grandsons.  She is a member of HOPE Church in Gardendale, Al.