Captain Charles Jaeger joined the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in 1990. With over thirty-three years of law enforcement experience, his career has been marked by exceptional dedication to serving the citizens of Jefferson County, Alabama. In his career he served as a Deputy in the Corrections and Patrol Divisions before becoming a founding member of the School Resource Division, utilizing innovative technology like IBM’s Star Force computerized car.

Later, in 2003, he was promoted to Sergeant and became involved in enhancing automation and training for all personnel. His extensive experience includes collaboration with the Air Support Unit, Records Bureau, Identification Bureau, Fleet management, IT User Support, and the technology utilized at the Metro Area Crime Center. With a talent for identifying mission-critical needs and crafting effective action plans, he gains trust by delivering exemplary follow-up support, resolving technology-related issues.

Beyond his law enforcement endeavors, Charles finds strength and guidance through his faith, actively participating in his local church congregation. His faith significantly shapes his life, instilling in him the values of compassion, integrity, and service to others. This deeply rooted belief system influences his approach to his role as a law enforcement professional, contributing to his exemplary track record in implementing new technologies and innovations to better serve the community. With a passion for enhancing the technology needs of the largest sheriff’s office in Alabama, Captain Jaeger continues to lead by example, inspiring trust and fostering effective resolutions to technology-related issues and advancing the technology needs of the Jefferson County sheriff’s office.