We are so happy that you are interested in career opportunities with Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office!
Whether you are looking for an internship, apprenticeship, or full-time opportunity – the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is happy to assist you in your search.

Via the Web

The Sheriff’s Office hires all its personnel through the Jefferson County Personnel Board. To apply, go to http://jobsquest.org

Select “Job Alert”, then “Create a Job Alert”.  Fill out the form on the page that follows, and place a check in the box “Law Enforcement/Police/ Sheriff/Security/Corrections”. 

You will be notified of any upcoming opportunities to apply.

Or Via the JCSO App

Download the FREE Jefferson County, AL Sheriff’s Office app from the App Store or Google Play.  Select “Join Our team” icon, then select “Employment” and you will be directed to the Jefferson County Personnel Board website, http://jobsquest.org.