Happening Today: Jefferson County Sheriff Mark Pettway to Unveil Renewed for Reentry Program

Publish Date: July 15, 2019
Written by: Brittany Sharp
Categories: News

BIRMINGHAM, AL – Jefferson County Sheriff Mark Pettway is standing firm on a campaign promise to address criminal justice reform. Today, Sheriff Pettway will join community partners to announce details on his Renewed for Reentry program. The program is designed to reduce the recidivism rate by providing education and job opportunities for individuals that are currently in the Jefferson County Jail. This will be accomplished by partnering directly with Lawson State Community College, The Dannon Project, The Steel Workers Trust, and many Central Alabama businesses.

“During my campaign, I harped on the fact that too often there is a revolving door with our jail system, and that must change,” Pettway said. “Through this program we will work with individuals to steer them away from destructive behaviors and decisions, and instead steer them towards opportunities that will help them to be constructive citizens of their communities.”

The program will be implemented through three phases that include a:

  • Ready to Work Phase
  • Training To Work Phase
  • Graduation & Release Conclusion

Additional details about the program, along with information about the community partners will be unveiled during today’s press conference that will take place at 2 p.m. in training room located inside the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office.

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