McCalla Burglary Suspect to Face Charges

On Tuesday August 6, 2019 at 6:00pm a homeowner called the Sheriff Office to report that there was an intruder at his home. The homeowner described the man as a black male wearing a red shirt. Deputies arrived at the 3500 block of Batton Road and could hear the man fleeing through the woods. As the deputies began to set up a perimeter to capture the man, we were notified by the Bessemer Police department that they had taken a man into custody fitting the suspect description on Interstate 459. We were informed that the man was spotted in the middle of interstate 459 wearing a red shirt and underwear. Passers by alerted the officer that the man had a gun in his hand. The Officer approached the man at gunpoint and the man obeyed the officers commands and surrendered. The man was taken to a local hospital for evaluation.  The man will face criminal charges when he is released.

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